Your computing platform reinvented for the cloud

Zero installation, always running, unbounded scalability, and shareable with the world.

In Development

GridWhale is in active development. Are you interested in knowing more? Write us at [email protected]

GridWhale is a cloud computer that you can program.

Create and run programs on GridWhale through your browser. Unlike other cloud computing environments, GridWhale acts as a single computer for everyone in the world. A GridWhale program will work for anyone in the world; no need to worry about dependencies, compatibility, or hardware.

Since everyone is running on the same computer, writing multi-user programs is a breeze. In addition, your programs can take advantage of many physical CPUs as if they were one.

Use Cases

Data Analysis and Visualization

Take advantage of specialized libraries for data wrangling and analysis. Built-in grid-processing lets you manipulate huge datasets quickly.

Procedural Graphics and Rendering

Libraries for 3D rendering, ray-tracing, and video-processing automatically distribute the load across the grid.

Simulations and Mathematics

Run mathematical models with arbitrary-precision arithmetic, and use built-in paralellized algorithms for iterative models.

Web Apps and Backends

Serverless architecture lets you focus on your apps. GridWhale takes care of scaling to as many users as needed.

Multiplayer Games

Create web-based games that run in the cloud, or build a shared backend for a client-side or console game.

Programming Education

Teach yourself programming by following our tutorials.

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